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Polar Ice Baths Recovery Tub Duo 


Free Backpack + 2 Year Warranty


“Discover the many health benefits of Cold Water Therapy”


Enjoy the benefits of cold water therapy in our Recovery Tub Duo.  The recovery tub is an all-in-one inflatable ice bath that can be moved around easily or left in a permanent location, indoor or outdoor.  It is made from double stitch PVC and is very sturdy, perfect for home or commercial use.  The Recovery Tub Duo is made from a similar material to inflatable paddle boards, it has double insulated wall so it keeps the water cold for longer.  It is very easy to set up and can be assembled within 10 mins.  The Recovery Tub Duo has a large interior so is suitable for 2 people. 


You have two options with the Recovery Tub Duo:

1. You can add ice to the water, due to the double insulated wall the water stays cold for days depending on the air temperature. 

2. If you are looking for a quick and easy ice bath considering buying it with our X5 Chiller Machine.  You won't need to add ice to the water and the unit filters the water when turned on.


X5 Chiller Machine

Never have to worry about buying ice again with our compact X5 Chiller Machine. It cools the water to as low as 3 celsius.  The state-of-the-art two system filter keeps the water cleaner for longer.  It removes any contaminants from the water and the pump fully circulates the water every 15 mins.


Recovery Tub Duo Features

- Durable, made from double stitch reinforced pvc

- Easy to assemble, assemble or disassemble in 15mins

- Portable, it is lightweight and fits into a backpack

- Large interior, fits two people 

- Double insulated cold and heat resistant wall

- 500 litres capacity


X5 Chiller Machine Features

  • Reliable and durable – made from industrial grade materials
  • Easy to use – automatic stop- start system with constant temperature
  • No ice needed - cools the water to as low as 3 celsius
  • Filters water to keep it cleaner for longer
  • WIFI remote control with android app
  • Excellent design – looks cool and doesn’t take up much space
  • Low noise – thanks to cutting edge technology
  • Built in water filter and pump



Personal - 1 year

Commercial - 6 months




Made under ISO9001 Quality Management System


Polar Ice Baths Recovery Tub Duo

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  • 160cm Long x 80cm Wide x 67cm High

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