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Polar Ice Baths Recovery Tub


Free Protective Lid + 1 Year Warranty


“Experience the many benefits of Cold Water Therapy”


Professional athletes have been using ice baths for many years.  Ice baths offer many different benefits that have been backed up by clinical research.  From increased recovery and performance to improved energy and mood.  With our portable ice baths you can enjoy the many benefits of cold water therapy in the comfort of  your own home. 


Ice Bath Features:

- Portable, its lightweight and easy to move

- Made from high quality materials, built to withstand the worst weather conditions

- Easy to assemble, it takes 5 mins to put together

- Easy to maintain, it requires minimal maintenance

- Comfortable, with knees bent or legs crossed 

- Bigger size, suitable for people up to 6ft 7” (2m tall)

- For personal or commercial use

- Triple layered to keep water colder for longer


Benefits of Cold Water Therapy:

- Helps boost the immune system

- Elevates mood and decreases stress

- Reduces anxiety and depression

- Improves metabolic function and may support weight loss

- Increases blood flow and circulation

- Experience a natural high you will love

- Boosts energy levels 

- Reduces inflammation and chronic pain

- Boosts performance and recovery

- Reduces joint pain and muscle soreness 

    Polar Ice Baths Recovery Tub

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    • 1 x Recovery tub
      1 x Protective lid
      6 x Support legs
      1 x Hand pump
      1 x Drain hose
      2 x repair patches
      1 x User manual

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