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Benefits of Cold Water Therapy

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"The cold is a doorway to the soul" - Wim Hof

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We are a family owned and run business based in Portugal, our goal is to bring the amazing benefits of cold water therapy to all of our customers.  We pride ourselves on ensuring the best quality products and service. 

We first discovered the benefits of Cold Water Therapy over 4 years ago when going through a particularly stressful period in our lives and experienced first-hand both the mental and physical health benefits.  After watching a video from Wim Hof “The Iceman” about the benefits of cold therapy, it inspired us to give it a try! We started with cold showers and then sea swimming and so that is where we got the idea for the ice baths!

Whether you are looking to improve performance and recovery, increase your energy or reduce stress, anxiety or depression, we would highly recommend you try one of our amazing ice baths and discover the benefits for yourself.

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Sunset Villas, Vila Sol, 

Quarteira, Portugal


Tel: +351 913702857


Charlesland Wood, 

Greystones, Ireland 

Co Wicklow 

Tel: +353 860872030


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